The Believers - Across The Track / (Pt.2)

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The Believers - Across The Track / (Pt.2)

Message par funkiness » 26 mai 2013 23:54

The Believers - Across The Track / (Pt.2) (Brownstone Records ‎45-4201, 1971)

Fred Thomas : basse
Hearlon "Cheese" Martin : guitare
Robert Coleman : guitare
John "Jabo" Starks : batterie
Johnny Griggs : congas
Jimmy Parker : saxophone alto
St. Clair Pinckney : saxophone ténor
Fred Wesley : trombone
Jerone "Jasaan" Sanford : trompette

Composition : Dave Matthews
Arrangements : Dave Matthews
Production : Dave Matthews

Enregistrement : 13 mai 1971

Sorti dans un premier temps sous le titre "Mr. Hot Pants", puis renommé "Across The Track", ce redoutable funk instru est signé The Believers, une des nombreuses variantes des JB's. Il est crédité Dave Matthews qui aura, sur ce coup-là, supplanté Fred Wesley, royalement chambré par un Mr. Brown hilare - "tu t'es fait battre par Dave Matthews fils!!! hahaha" -, en présence d'Alan Leeds, qui rapporte l'anecdote.
C'est le premier single sorti sur BrownStone, label né de la collaboration de JB avec son ami de toujours Henry Stone. Dommage que Maceo ne soit pas là, ça aurait fait encore plus mal.
Réédité, comme A.A.B.B., sur James Brown's Funky People Part 3.

Across The Track (pt.1&2)

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Re: The Believers - Across The Track Pt.1/Pt.2 aka Mr. Hot Pants

Message par FunkLexikon » 13 févr. 2014 17:48

It looks like different people tell the story different. Cliff White mentions "In the wake off Brown's hit "Hot Pants," the tune becomes "Mr. Hot Pants" by The Believers, then in the midst of its brief release it's switched to "Across the Track" to avoid confusion with the boss' 45."

Strangwise Alan Leeds seems to have answer the question different on questions i've got from him answered and forwarded to me through DJ Pari. Summarized that version goes like this: First the title given by Dave Matthews was "A Pot Of Grass", but James Brown thought it was too controversial and gave it the title "Across the track" for the T.K. pressing. Because Brown switched from King to Polydor, Polydor intended to release it too and James Brown gave it the new title "Mr. hot pants" because in the same time "Hot pants" hit the charts. But on Polydor it was never released.

Both stories have their point to make it logical. The Cliff White version is logical to me as the "Mr. hot pants" print was on T.K. pressed as well. To retract it due to the reason mentioned makes sense to me. The version by Alan Leeds points more to the distributor differences they had between Polydor and T.K. which makes sense to promote a 45 with a similar title to one that already has success. But why should it be pressed again on the same Brownstone label design as distributed by T.K. and why was this pressing retracted again? To be honest Cliff White's version makes more sense to me. Most likely we will never know what is correct.

Alan Leeds didn't know the single was ever released as "Mr. hot pants" on T.K. distributed Brownstone label too (had never seen it), until he has seen a photo of my copy. He thought it was only catalogized at Polydor but not printed. The above information is part of a longer reply by Alan Leeds on my questions on the Mr. Hot Pants 45, which he answered to DJ Pari and who forwarded the answer to me.

Btw. in that interview he said that only 2 singles where pressed on Brownstone with that orange label. The Believers "Across the track" and Vicki Andersons "I'm Too Tough For Mr. Big Stuff". But meanwhile I know there is not only the "Mr. Hot pants" pressing I got on that orange label, but also the Bobby Byrd "Hot pants, I'm coming" i have on the orange label (which was also released on the different label which was used for the later releases of Brownstone). Also it could be that Brownstone pressed the Bobby Byrd first for T.K. distribution, stopped that and took the new label design for new print of Bobby Byrds 45 and for all the following.

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Re: The Believers - Across The Track Pt.1/Pt.2 aka Mr. Hot Pants

Message par funkiness » 14 févr. 2014 12:41

Many thanks for the story Peter !
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Re: The Believers - Across The Track Pt.1/Pt.2 aka Mr. Hot Pants

Message par Wonder B » 15 févr. 2014 17:52

Wowww that's a complicated story! :lol: But very interesting nonetheless...
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