Akwassa - In The Groove

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Akwassa - In The Groove

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Akwassa - In The Groove (Clover CXL 2009, 1977)

A1 Have Patience
A2 No One Else
A3 We Believe In Peace
A4 Everybody’s Getting On

B1 Love Me Now
B2 Make Yourself (What You Wanna Be)
B3 Give Me Some Funk
B4 Jam All Night


Felix Day : guitare, vocaux
Kevin Coburn : orgue, piano, synthétiseur


The Akwassa band were born out of the groups The Founders (later to become The Foundars 15) and an obscure group called Red House. The duo of Felix Day (guitar, vocals) and Kevin Coburn (keyboards, synths, vocals) are listed as the core of Akwassa, with guest musicians rounding out the ensemble. It turns out, however, that the duo and these guest musicians are in fact the group Heads Funk (or Headzfunk). Or, actually, all of them were both bands. The duo of Akwassa were signed to AFRODISIA with the rest of the band listed as guest musicians, while Heads Funk were signed to EMI with the Day/Coburn duo listed as guest and the others front and center.
Under this system, Heads Funk recorded 3 albums and Akwassa recorded 2, La’ila (1975) and In the Groove (1977).

Source : http://afrobeat-music.blogspot.fr/2013/ ... wassa.html


Le titre "Love Me Now" (B1) figure sur la compilation :
- Clover Come Together Vol. 1 (Clover Sound CXL 2010, 1977)

Tueries Afro Funk issues de l'album, écoutez et vous entendrez. Le Nigéria démonte les corps.



Akwassa_1977_"Everybody’s Getting On" (A4) :weeeehhh: :yeahhh: :afro:


Akwassa_1977_"Give Me Some Funk" (B3) :weeeehhh: :yeahhh: :afro:

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