Roy Porter Sound Machine – Inner Feelings

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Roy Porter Sound Machine - Inner Feelings

Message par Phil » 02 juin 2013 21:20

funkiness a écrit : On utilise aussi l'expression "run out".
Et aussi "trail off".

It's what's in the grooves that count

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Roy Porter Sound Machine - Inner Feelings

Message par bluesy » 21 oct. 2013 23:25

in the jungle groove a écrit :Party Time
:weeeehhh: :love1: :afro: :weeeehhh:

C'est un titre que j'ai sur une compile faite 'maison" que l'on m'a offerte et je n'avais pas le nom de l'artiste. Ce morceau je l'ai fait tourner en boucle, normal... il dégouline et suinte le FUNK. :love1:
"Music Makes You Move" : Funkhouse Express (1974) so... "HIT THAT ONE!" : JB
"They Call Us Wild But We Got Soul" : Wild Magnolias (1975)

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Re: Roy Porter Sound Machine - Inner Feelings

Message par soulbrotherstef » 18 nov. 2014 17:04

djanice72 a écrit :D'après la traduction du commentaire de Peter cela confirme ce que Nico de Soul Patrol m'a dit au Paris Rare Groove qui a eu lieu le 25/05/13 sur cette référence : BA1006 est bien un bootleg made in Italie. Un autre vendeur a même dit qu'à l'époque il suffisait de demander le nbre de copie qu'on voulait et ils les gravaient. La copie que j'ai achetée vient d'un vendeur italien et celle d'un pote aussi, les 2 sont des boots. Pour conclure, ceux qui chercheraient une copie, renseignez-vous d'où vient la copie qui est à vendre et demandez une photo du macaron pour vérifier que la ref: B-1006 y figure bien :study:
Tiens c'est bizarre :shock: je pense avoir l'original avec la ref B-1006 sur la pochette et BA-1006 sur le macaron mais apparemment si il y a un bootleg la seule différence est sur la qualité de la pochette qui est beaucoup plus sombre :( que l'original

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Re: Roy Porter Sound Machine - Inner Feelings

Message par soulbrotherstef » 19 nov. 2014 12:57

J'ai cherché sur le net et il ne parle pas de bootleg made in italie :question: Je pense qu'il s'agit certainement d'un second pressage car la typo de la pochette est bien trop nette pour être un faux, en plus comme le disait Funklexicon le cheval sur la ceinture et le collier sont bien visible :scratch:
J'espère que je suis dans le vrai car sinon je me suis bien fait rouler :ouin: il y a quelques années….

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Re: Roy Porter Sound Machine - Inner Feelings

Message par soulbrotherstef » 10 sept. 2018 22:11

Après beaucoup de recherches sur un soi-disant bootleg italien, je vous invite à lire un commentaire sur discogs qui pour ma part rétabli la vérité 🤔

"After the last comments,I think there are some infos that may help to clarify things because, there is too much confusion about this matter and there are people who keep on posting here misleading comments containing not verified or “fake” informations simply based on unconfirmed “rumours” without any evidence of what they are saying. About the last comments posted here, it’s the biggest bulls**t I've ever heard in 40 years of vinyl collecting ! It really seems they don’t know what they are talking about ! It’s ridiculous and senseless... possible, no reply to such a bosh !
Everyone should be responsible when posting a comment that can be read here on the Discogs marketplace worldwide which contains not verified or fake infos that could influence the collectors'. A “golden” rule should be that if you do not have substantial evidence of what you are saying, avoid publishing a post or, nevertheless, point out that it’s just your opinion.

Once for all, IT DOESN’T exist an ITA press, reissue or boot**g, of the Roy Porter LP Inner Feelings ! Both B-1006 & BA-1006 issues come from the same master, the same mastering studios and the same manufacturer; in other words, BA-1006 label is an official Bel-Ad Records issue and it’s USA press!

If you have both copies compare them side by side and check the matrix numbers etched in the dead wax-runout grooves (the empty space between the runoff grooves and the border of the label ) of both copies. Every serious collector should know that it’s the matrix number etched in runout that is important rather than the differences of the covers or the labels (such as the font style, the colors etc).
The matrix number of a record etched in runout grooves is the identification code of the title used by the pressing plant to identify the record. The numbers attributed to a specific title may be hand-etched or die-stamped directly into the metal parts - so called "stampers" - that are used to press the record. The stamper number might includes infos about that record and in many cases tells the “story“of the record with info about the mastering recording studios, the name of the studio engineering, record label pressing plant (where the record has been pressed - for the major labels), the recording engineer and so on… Labels and covers may vary from pressing to pressing as font style or colors but, the stamper number is always featured in the matrix of the record and that number is a reliable way to confirm where a record comes from. Coming back to the question of this post:

First of all, the matrix number etched in the dead wax-runout groove is IDENTICAL in both issues ! The matrix number of each side is etched in the same place in both issues : on the A side, within the 1st ring runout groove close to the label border while, on the B side, it’s etched lower within the 2nd ring runout groove (both issues have identical matrix number etched in the same place!). To get you an idea of what I'm talking about compare for example the matrix numbers of the B side of both issues & check the followings:
1) the eyelets of the capital letter “B” etched in dead wax
2) the number 1 written as “ I ” without the upper cuff
3) the first “0” number “not closed at the bottom left side”
4) the little space between the double “00”numbers and the number “6”
5) the hypen and the last letter ”B” it is not aligned with the other numbers but it’s etched a little higher.

Compare the matrix number runout B SIDE of both issues

Same thing on Side A :1) the capital letters “BA” etched in dead wax are identical, 2) the number 1 written as “ I ” without the upper cuff, 3) the double 00 with the 2nd number zero “not closed at the top”, 4) the number “6” that looks like a number “5 “ with a not closed eyelet absolutely identical in both issues, etc

Check the picture i linked and compare carefully letter by letter,number by number & judge by yourself.
The matrix numbers etched in the dead wax/runout are absolutely IDENTICAL hand-written by the same hand in B-1006 & BA-1006 issue ! This means that both issues come from the same master and the same manufacturer ! There is no need of an expert in graphology... These matrix numbers can’t be reproduced or counterfeited by anyone in the same way in a re-issue or boot** unless using the original master. As a consequence, if both B-1006 & BA-1006 issues have the same identical matrix number, this imply that they were pressed by the same manufacteur using the same “stampers” and/or the same original master.This means that both are Official Bel-Ad Records issues and both are USA press !

In both issues, if you check the vinyl under a bright light or in back light ,you will notice that there are some circular “clearer” (or “silver”) grooves ( not affecting the sound ) in the same place and exactly on the same tracks, at the end of “Out Of The Town Tonight” track on B Side and on the “Panama” & “Jessica” tracks on Side A.
Check the pictures of both issues to understand what I mean HERE.
I’ve reason to believe that, these marks depends on the mastering process recorder or the manufacturing process. This means that both issues come from the same master and the same manufacteur as these identical “marks” on vinyl can’t be reproduced by anyone in the same places on a “reissue“ or boot**g !

If you scroll down the catalog numbers in Bel-Ad Records Discography page here on discogs, the BA-1006 seems a valid catalog number in the “BA series” (most have”BA” letters ahead the number) and could be placed in the Bel-Ad Records discography between the numbers BA-1005 and BA-1007 while, at the moment, it seems that the catalog number BA-1006 doesn’t exist because looks like a “withdrawn” or “unissued” title. I have no evidence of this but, until comes up another title with this same catalog number, this may be a reasonable conclusion but the matter needs further improvements.

The sound quality and the sound dynamic is the same in both issues… Compare both and judge by yourself. How could it be possible achieve and reproduce the same sound quality in a reissue or boo**g without the original master ?

For what concern the cover, there are few differences between the two covers but, this might only means that the covers were printed by different printers located in different places and at a different dates. Anyway, we are talking about covers that are 40’s years old and differences are not a “scan” matter ! In the 70’s, it was quite common for records company using covers from different printers located in different places.
Something else to say about the cover.The BA-1006 edition cover has a small “tongue” or “glued strip” inside at the bottom and, it’s just this type of cover that has been used by another vinyl records company related to Bel-Ad Records and located in California. So, the cover too was printed in USA. There are evidences of this but this is another chapter of the story.

In conclusion,to the best of my knowledge, BA-1006 is another official Bel-Ad Records issue. The absolute identity of the matrix numbers of each side would already be evidence of this alone !! It seems clear that, they were pressed using the same stamper and/or the same original master.

Hope this helps.

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Wonder B

Re: Roy Porter Sound Machine - Inner Feelings

Message par Wonder B » 12 sept. 2018 12:08

Au moins c'est une réponse on ne peut plus "fouillée"!!!!!!
Bon en ce qui me concerne, ce n'est pas une question que je me pose car j'ai acheté le disque à une époque où on ne savait même pas ce qu'était un bootleg! (seuls les enregistrements live rentraient dans cette catégorie)
Merci pour les précisions donc!
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